Regulations and Info

Community Rules and Regulations


The following Rules and Regulations are to be read in conjunction with and are considered a part of the formal lease agreement.


A. All manufactured homes must be blocked and anchored to state and federal regulations immediately upon move in. Installation of earth anchors and attachment of homes thereto is the responsibility of the new homeowners. Additionally, all hitches / tongues must be removed.

B. All manufactured homes connections to utilities including water line, sewer lines, and electrical line shall be done by a bonded and licensed vendor. It is also recommended that heat tape is properly installed and maintained to prevent and avoid freezing pipes. 

C. Within thirty (30) days of installation, all manufactured homes must be properly skirted with new vinyl skirting and properly installed. Skirting must be well maintained on all mobile homes and any damage or missing skirting must be repaired or replaced with vinyl skirting. This shall apply to any, and all mobile homes regardless of the cause of the damage, or the time in which damage occurred.

D. The placement, maintenance, and repair of all steps to the home are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

E. Porches can be no large than 6’ x 4’ at the front door and 4’ x 4’ at the back door and must be constructed from pressure treated lumber.  Repair and maintenance of all porches are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Any deviation in size requires written approval from the corporate office.

F. All new porch awning must be constructed of a community approved material and must be approved in writing by the corporate office prior to construction. Plastic awnings are prohibited. Repair and maintenance of all awnings are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

G. Window covering is limited to drapes with the white backing, or white/off-white mini blinds. Aluminum foil, cardboard or other types of non-drapery material may not be used for window covering. All window coverings must be clean and maintained. 


For the benefit of other community Residents, the following activities are specifically prohibited in the community at all times:

A. Loud parties, radios, television or other unnecessary noise or disturbances. Quiet is required from 10:00pm until 8:00am.

B. Speeding vehicles. A maximum speed of 10 MPH will be strictly enforced. Please respect the children at play.

C. Repairs of automobiles, trucks, boats, motorcycles or trailers. Or allowing any fluids to leak on the parking space.

D. Parking vehicle on the lot off the assigned parking.

E. Illegal drugs, public intoxication, immoral and illegal conduct in the park is prohibited

F. Disabled vehicles and vehicles without current registration or licensing parked within the community.

G. Peddling, soliciting, canvassing, or distributing literature by a residents, religious group or commercial enterprise without written permission of the corporate office.

H. Removal of any plants or shrubs from home sites

I. Semi-tractors and/or trailers

J. Violation of any federal, state, county or city ordinance or statute

K. Erecting and maintaining a swimming pool on the Resident’s lot

L. Trampolines, basketball hoops, and swing sets are not permitted in the community.

M. Washing of any vehicle (car, truck, boat, trailer, etc) within the community

N. Parking or storage of recreational vehicles, boats, camper shells, trailers, etc. on lot or street

O. Riding of motor scooters, minibikes or motorbikes anywhere in the community (Only licensed, street-legal motorcycles and scooters are allowed for entering and leaving the property)

P. Tampering in any matter with electric power sources or hook-ups; removing electrical breakers from manufactured homes; running extension lines from a power source or hook-up to manufactured homes.

Q. Improper dumping or disposal of trash, pollutants, chemicals, paint, or petro-chemical products.

R. Keeping scrap metal on the lot, in your parking space or on a trailer in the community is strictly prohibited. Scrapping within the community is strictly prohibited.

S. Using a greater electrical load than the manufactured home is designed or approved for, or otherwise causing a dangerous condition or fire hazard.

T. Use of neighboring vacant lots for personal storage, parking, dumping trash, gardens, trampolines, etc. (A tenant who continues to use a vacant lot after being notified by management to stop using the vacant lot and/or to remove their possessions, is subject to rent charges for the continued use of said lot.)

U. All patio areas must be free of non-patio items (indoor furniture, appliances, etc.) as well as other trash and debris. No more than 3 potted plants will be permitted; all must be uniformed in size, shape and color. No more than 4 outside chairs and 1 table are permitted; all chairs must be uniformed in size, shape and color.

V. All exposed wood shall be stained or painted.

W. Nothing shall be propped up against the home which includes but is not limited to ladders.

X. Air rifles, B-B guns fireworks or sling shots.


Except to the extent otherwise provided by the Resident’s Lease, each Resident is responsible for water, sewer, gas, cable tv, telephone and electric installation at the home site. Tampering in any matter with any utility hook-up is prohibited and may result in disconnection of such utility service without notice. The Resident will be charged the expense of replacing or servicing same where damage is caused due to the community or other home sites as a result of any tampering or negligence. Except to the extent otherwise provided by the Resident’s Lease, the Resident will make applications for all utilities, such as telephone, gas and electric, and pay all statements rendered by said companies.

The sewer system is adequate to handle all normal drainage. The system was not designed to handle the disposal of sanitary napkins, paper towels, disposable diapers, disposable tampons and/or cardboard or plastic tampon cases or other foreign objects. Disposal of such items in the commode causes stoppages. Repairs of stoppages caused by such items will be billed to the resident causing stoppage.

Never dispose of oil or used grease through the plumbing drains or commode. Pour grease into a container with a lid and dispose of in a plastic garbage bag.


A. Manufactured homes shall only be brought in and removed by licensed and insured movers. Residents shall be liable for any damage to property caused by the move-in/move-out of the home.

B. All awnings, appurtenances, porches, steps, decks, storage buildings, carports, and fences, must be approved in writing by the corporate office prior to installation or may be subject to removal by the Resident, or at the Resident’s expense. They must also be maintained in a neat, attractive, and orderly manner. Storage buildings are limited to a maximum of one per lot; the size, construction and placement of the building must be pre-approved by the community in writing.

C. Any trees or shrubs, or any temporary or permanent concrete or masonry work must be approved in writing prior to installation, and when approved shall not thereafter be removed from premises by Lessee with-without consent or notification by Lessor.

D. Garbage Service: (1) Curbside Pickup: All garbage must be placed in proper rigid receptacles with tight fitting lids. Garbage receptacles must be kept in storage buildings or at the rear of each home except on days when garbage is picked up.

(2) Dumpster Service: Trash should be sealed in plastic bags and placed in

dumpsters for collection. Lids and doors to the dumpster must be kept closed. Do not send children to dumpster with trash. Do not put bags of trash outside of dumpster on the ground.

If dumpster is full, hold your trash at home until dumpster has been emptied. DO NOT place furniture, appliances, construction materials, or other large items in or around the dumpster for collection. Disposal of such items is the responsibility of the Resident. Any Resident   disposing such items at the dumpster or anywhere else in the Community will be charged for the cost of removal. All such charges shall be due and payable with the next monthly rental payment.

E. Each Resident is cautioned against driving posts, rods, stakes, pipes, etc. into the ground or digging in an area without first checking with the utility companies and the office.

F. Each Resident is responsible for the maintenance of his/her yards. All yards must be neat and attractively maintained at all times. This includes flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs. Management reserves the right to notify the Resident of yards in need of care, and, if necessary, provide that care at the expense of the Resident. All such charges shall be due and payable with the next monthly rental payment. Any items left in yard may be removed and discarded by management if not removed by resident within 10 days of notice by management that they need to be removed.

G. Manufactured homes must be maintained in a neat and attractive condition. This included removing season decor with fifteen (15) days after the holiday. 

H. Each home must appropriately identified with the space number in a location visible from the street.

I. No drying or hanging of laundry, towels, rugs or wearing apparel is permitted outside of the home or anywhere in the Community.

J. Antennas of any kind and Satellite dishes over once meter (39.37”) in diameter are not permitted.


If you wish to have a pet in the community, prior written permission by the corporate office must be obtained from the Management. Pets shall not be tied nor chained to any fixed object outside the dwelling, including patio areas, walkways, stairs or any other part of the Resident’s lot. All house pets must be on a hand-held leash, under Resident’s supervision if outside of the home. No outside pets allowed. No more than two (2) pets per lot. Resident is responsible for keeping the yard, the pet enclosure, and common areas sanitary by removing all pet waste. Pets must be kept in Resident’s yard and common areas when being walked, not in neighboring yards. All pets must be current in vaccines per the law. 

***** Excessive dog barking will not be tolerated. Bark collars will be required or removal from the Park*****

The following animals are specifically prohibited in the Community at all times:

A. Aggressive breed or vicious dogs of any kind

B. Farm animals (chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, fowl, cattle, etc.)

C. Non-domesticated and/or potentially dangerous animals (poisonous snakes, constrictor snakes, skunks, raccoons, etc.)


Residents who retain ownership of their home’s tires and axles must store them underneath the home, in an appropriate storage building or removed from property.


Residents shall be responsible and held liable for the conduct of their guests while in the manufactured community.


Violation of any community guideline can result in Resident’s eviction.


While the management and owners of your community strive to assure the safety of Residents and the property, they are not responsible for losses due to fire, theft, or accident. You the Resident are hereby notified that you assume personal risk in such matters. For any accident or injury on any home site, the Resident of such home site shall indemnify and hold management harmless of any and all claims by any person.


Community Management reserves the right to alter, add to or amend such guidelines from time to time, but such changes shall not take effect until written notice thereof is posted within the manufactured home community, or written notice to this effect is delivered to the Resident’s home, thirty (30) days prior to implementation.

Violation Fines & Fees list

Replace / Repair Skirting of the Manufacture Home Fine: $50 per notice

Remove disabled and non current registered vehicles Fine: $150 per vehicle

Remove Trash and Junk around Manufactured Home Fine: $50 per day until corrected

Outside Storage Fine $50 per day until corrected

Mow high grass and weeds       Fine: $75 per notice $150 if Park Mow’s

Building without a City Permit Fine: $75 per day until corrected

Remove Animals Dogs / Cats / Other Fine: $150 per notice

Other violations not listed above, but in the rules and regulations will have fees that range from $50 – $150 per notice.