Regulations and Info

Community Rules and Regulations

RD 1/16

The following Rules and Regulations are to be read in conjunction with and are considered a part of the formal rental agreement.



For the benefit of other community Residents, the following activities are specifically prohibited in the community at all times:


Except to the extent otherwise provided by the Resident’s Lease, each Resident is responsible for water, sewer, gas, cable tv, telephone and electric installation at the home site. Tampering in any matter with any utility hook-up is prohibited and may result in disconnection of such utility service without notice. The Resident will be charged the expense of replacing or servicing same where damage is caused due to the community or other home sites as a result of any tampering or negligence. Except to the extent otherwise provided by the Resident’s Lease, the Resident will make applications for all utilities, such as telephone, gas and electric, and pay all statements rendered by said companies.

The sewer system is adequate to handle all normal drainage. The system was not designed to handle the disposal of sanitary napkins, paper towels, disposable diapers, disposable tampons and/or cardboard or plastic tampon cases or other foreign objects. Disposal of such items in the commode causes stoppages. Repairs of stoppages caused by such items will be billed to the resident causing stoppage.

Never dispose of oil or used grease through the plumbing drains or commode. Pour grease into a container with a lid and dispose of in a plastic garbage bag.



If you wish to have a pet in the community, prior written permission must be obtained from the Management. Pets shall not be tied nor chained to any fixed object outside the dwelling, including patio areas, walkways, stairs or any other part of the Resident’s lot. All house pets must be on a hand-held leash, under Resident’s supervision if outside of the home. No outside pets allowed. No more than TWO (2) pets per lot. Resident is responsible for keeping the yard, the pet enclosure, and common areas sanitary by removing all pet waste. Pets must be kept in Resident’s yard and common areas when being walked, not in neighboring yards. All pets must be current in vaccines per the law.

***** Excessive dog barking will not be tolerated. Bark collars will be required or removal from the Park*****

The following animals are specifically prohibited in the Community at all times:


Residents who retain ownership of their home’s tires and axles must store them underneath the home, in an appropriate storage building or removed from property.


Residents shall be responsible and held liable for the conduct of their guests while in the manufactured community.


Violation of any community guideline can result in Resident’s eviction.


While the management and owners of your community strive to assure the safety of Residents and the property, they are not responsible for losses due to fire, theft or accident. You the Resident are hereby notified that you assume personal risk in such matters. For any accident or injury on any home site, the Resident of such home site shall indemnify and hold management harmless of any and all claims by any person.


Community Management reserves the right to alter, add to or amend such guidelines from time to time, but such changes shall not take effect until written notice thereof is posted within the manufactured home community, or written notice to this effect is delivered to the Resident’s home, thirty (30) days prior to implementation.